Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS)

VTS is a method practiced by a teacher facilitated/student conversation while viewing art images as well as a variety of other art forms that supports a leaner centered environment.

 VTS allows a student to practice a problem solving process that satisfies the "critical thinking skills" components of the Common Core Standards. The experience then translates into a systematic observational practice. This ability transfers to all subject matter across the curriculum. Why not try it out in your classroom?

How to use VTS in the classroom 

Ask students to:

·      Look carefully at works of art

·      Talk about what they observe

·      Back up their ideas with evidence

·      Listen to and consider the views of others

·      Discuss many possible interpretations 

Ask open-ended questions:

·      What’s going in this picture?

·      What makes you say that?

·      What more can we find?


·      Paraphrase comments neutrally

·      Point at the area being discussed

·      Frame and link student comments

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