Anonymous Returns

Anonymous 2 has been installed in March 2018 in the CoAd courtyard at Lawrence Technological Institute in Southfield Michigan. It will remain there for two years. The sculpture operates the same as the ArtPrize installation however it is different in design. 

Anonymous 2.jpg

Perhaps nothing has evolved more in recent years as the modes of communication. With rapid change comes confusion and fear, anger and manipulation. Social media and the smart phone are both loved and loathed by their users for good reason, and the way we engage in dialogue with each other has forever changed.

“Anonymous” is both a sculpture and a social experiment. Created by Hamtramck artists Nina Caruso and Christopher Schneider, these 480 feet of steel pipes act as a communication device. Groups of people are encouraged to talk and listen into the ends. Due to the multitude of bends, it will not be clear who is on the other end. 

What will you say when you are not sure who is listening?