Kindergarten Warm and Cool Castles

Students combined basic shapes and lines to draw their castles.  They learned about warm and cool colors and determined what color set their sky or castles would be. The students used water-soluble marker to apply color and then painted over the marker with water.

Learning Objectives:

  • Combining shapes and lines to create something new
  • The use of warm and cool colors to create an interesting composition
  • Making a choice and sticking with it
  • Learning control of painting medium while applying water with a brush onto the marker

Kindergarten Color Mixing and Creature Drawings

We began by reading the book Mix it Up! By Henre’ Tullet. Students had the opportunity to “mix it up” with tempera paint. Joyful comments were shared of their discoveries as they experienced blending colors.

For the second part of the lesson (day two) we looked at images of snails and beetles. We welcome in spring by using oil pastel crayons to turn the color mixes into beautiful creatures in the spirit of spring exploration!

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding of color mixing though exploration
  • Observational skills of shape, color, and pattern in snail and beetle imagery
  • Hand and eye coordination through skillful drawing from photographic imagery
  • Fine motor skills through coloring cutting