Second Grade


Second Grade Pumpkins in the Moonlight

Students used collage and oil crayon to create these whimsical pumpkins in the moonlight. We began by viewing photographic imagery of real pumpkins. We observed the various shapes, colors and lines within each pumpkin. Students began by first drawing then coloring their pumpkins on colored construction paper. Once fished the pumpkins were carefully cut placed upside-down onto a finished background.  They were then traced in order to create a shadow. The shadows were then colored in and the pumpkins were flipped back up glued down above the shadow. The students determined where their moon would be placed in order to have a light source for their pumpkin shadows.

Learning Objectives:

  • Following a process to get a desired effect
  • Observing realistic imagery to inform work
  • Creating a foreground and background for pumpkins
  • Craftsmanship in drawing and coloring
  • Persevering and staying on task in order to complete each step
  • Proper placement and gluing
  • Use of collage to create a work of art




Second Grade Chalk Pastel Landscapes or Seascapes

Students worked with horizon line, background, middle ground and foreground to lay out their composition. We discussed how things look smaller the further away they are and bigger the closer they are. Students then used hot/cold color schemes to color their pictures with chalk pastel. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Trusting their ideas and following through with placement and color
  • Problem solving in perspective while creating foreground, middle ground and background
  • Working with warm and cool color schemes to make an interesting composition
  • Placement of elements to create a landscape work of art
  • Experience with blending and layering of medium

Second Grade Hand Stitching of Woodland Friends

I began by reading the book “Lost in the Woods” by Carl R. Sams and Jean Stoick. While referencing photographic imagery of woodland animals students began by drawing a woodland animal or creature in pencil onto a 6” x 6” piece of paper. They placed the animal in a simple setting. They colored their image with colored pencil. The students replicated their drawing onto a piece of burlap with chalk. Students learned the basics of stitching. They practiced threading their own needle and they learned a simple running stitch. The running stitch of was used to follow the drawing on the burlap with colorful yarn.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduce students to basic sewing techniques; threading a needle, running stitch (in and out, in and out), and stitch tension
  • Observations skills by finding basic shapes in subject matter
  • Replicating a drawing onto another surface
  • Building off of paper weaving in Kindergarten (under, over, under, over method)