Third Grade

Third Grade Wild Animal Chalk Pastel Drawings 

Students chose from a variety of animal prints to create this observational drawing. This lesson introduced the use of a grid to get correct placement and proportion while enlarging the image. Students layered and blended a variety of colors to get specific colors. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Enhance observational skills
  • Learn technical use of grid for composition and subject matter
  • Experiencing the medium by layering and blending of colors
  • Consideration of foreground and background elements

Third Grade Rhythmic Line Design

Students learned about line and how it is a basic element of art. The focus was on both line variation and line quality. Color relationship was considered through the understanding of color scheme. This lesson exposes students to the design principles of rhythm and space through repletion and overlapping. Other art elements and design principles occurring in this lesson such as shape, texture, pattern, variety, unity, balance, emphasis provide further opportunities for understanding and explorations.

Learning Objective:

  • Knowledge of the basic element of line through experiencing of line quality and variation
  • Understanding the design principle of rhythm through the repetition of line
  • Exploring the design principle of space through the overlapping of line designs to create a 3D illusion
  • Develop craftsmanship through drawing line and blocking in color
  • Decision making through design and color choices